About This Course

Only adults age 21 can legally buy alcohol.   Clerks and store owners that sell to underage buyers can be cited and fined.  This course will help you gain skills needed to properly ID customers and keep these substances out of the hands of kids. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Course Overview

    • Student Information

    • Overview

    • Introduction

    • Course Objectives

    • Quiz: Introduction

  • 2

    Skills to Refuse Sale

    • Why It is Important to Check ID

    • Quiz: Why It is Important to check ID

    • Acceptable Forms of ID

    • Quiz: Acceptable Forms of ID

    • How ID's are Formatted

    • How to Use the FLAG system for Alcohol

    • Video: Clerk Applying F-L-A-G

    • Quiz: Identifying Legit ID

    • Common Mistakes

    • Quiz: Common Mistakes

    • Calculating the Age of a Customer

    • Quiz: Calculating Age

    • How to refuse a sale

    • Strategies used by underage buyers for alcohol

    • Video: Strategies Used by Minors

    • Quiz: How to Refuse a Sale

  • 3

    Health Effects

    • Alcohol and the Teen Brain

    • Alcohol Effects on the Body

    • How to know if a person is impaired

    • Refuse to sale to an impaired person

    • Video: clerk stops Diana from buying booze

    • Quiz: Effects of Alcohol to the body

  • 4

    Types of Products

    • Alcohol

    • Quiz: Alcohol Products

  • 5

    Knowing the Law

    • Alcohol Laws

    • Quiz: Alcohol Laws

    • Who can sell alcohol?

    • Quiz: Who can sell alcohol

  • 6

    Penalties for Illegal Sale

    • Penalties for Alcohol Sales

    • Penalties for Alcohol Sales

    • Alcohol Law Agreement

    • Alcohol Retail Training Survey

    • Resources