As a medical provider, you see patients everyday that use tobacco in some form.  Most of those patients want to quit and you can help them do that.  Take this course to learn about Utah's Tobacco Quit Line.  It will help you feel comfortable talking to them about quitting.  You will receive 1 CME credit if you take this course, make sure to print out the certificate at the end for your records.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Helping Your Patients Live Tobacco Free

    • Welcome

    • Demographics and Pre-Survey

    • Course Objectives

  • 2

    Why Worry About Tobacco Use?

    • Worse Than We Thought

    • Smoking in Utah

    • Teen Vaping

    • Quiz: Tobacco Rates

    • Vaping and the Brain

    • Vaping and Mental Health

    • Vaping and the Heart

    • Vaping and the Lungs

    • Vaping and Oral Health

    • Vaping and the Bladder

    • Vaping and Babies

    • Quiz: Vaping and The Body

    • Do E-Cigarettes Help Smokers Quit?

    • Want to Learn More about Vaping?

    • What Should I Do About Vaping?

    • Reflection: Why Worry About Tobacco Use

  • 3

    Why Help Patients Quit?

    • Why Even Try?

    • Reflection: Patient Numbers

    • Understanding Your Patient

    • How Ready is Your Patient to Change?

    • Questions To Help You Assess

    • What Stage are They In

    • What Does Motivational Interviewing Look Like?

    • Smoking Cessation Aids

    • Reflection: Why Help Patients Quit

  • 4

    Utah's Tobacco Quit Line

    • Quit Line Overview

    • What is the Quit Line

    • Quit Line Services

    • My Life My Quit

    • Quiz: Quit Line Services

    • Does Quit Line Work

    • How Do You Refer

    • Quiz: Ways to Refer

    • Steps To Know

    • What Will Your Process Be

    • Reflection: What Will Your Process Be

    • Affordable Care Act Help

    • Reflection: Utah's Tobacco Quit Line

  • 5

    Now What

    • Help Your Patients By Partnering

    • Post Survey

About the instructor

Southwest Utah Public Health Department

Our mission is to protect the community's health through the promotion of wellness and the prevention of disease, serving the following counties: Beaver: (435)438-2482 Garfield: (435)676-8800 Iron: (435)586-2437 Kane: (435)644-2537 Washington: (435)986-2540

Click here to learn how you can help your patients quit tobacco!