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Are you thinking about vaping?  Before you finalize that decision, explore this online course that could change your life.  Explore for 5 minutes or take an hour. 


Glad you are here.  Join us as we explore the research around vaping.

After this course you will be able to:

  1. Understand the alarming increase in teen vape use in our community
  2. Summarize the current research around the harms of youth vape use
  3. Discover how e-cigarette companies target teens
  4. Identify tools to help raise tobacco free kids

This online tool reads like social media, using video and limited text.  Watch this video for more. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Start Exploring

    • Welcome!

    • Couple of Questions

    • Let's Talk About E-cigarettes

    • Let's Talk About E-Cigarettes

    • Let's Talk About E-cigarettes: Quiz

    • Reflection

  • 2

    Explore the Research

    • How Harmful?

    • Vaping, the Hit Your Brain Takes

    • Understanding Addiction as a Disease

    • Addiction and Values

    • QUIZ: How Harmful?

    • From Vaping to Smoking

    • Vaping to Smoking

    • Vaping to Smoking Commercial Break

    • QUIZ: Vape to Smoking

    • What's in E-liquid?

    • Zero Nicotine

    • Zero Nicotine

    • QUIZ: Zero Nicotine

    • Reflection

  • 3

    Explore the Research: How Vapes Affect the Body

    • The Brain

    • Brain

    • Nicotine and the Brain

    • Vaping and Mental Health

    • Vaping and Mental Health

    • How Vaping Affected My Mental Health

    • QUIZ: The Brain

    • The Lungs

    • Vaping and the Lungs

    • QUIZ: The Lungs

    • The Heart

    • The Heart

    • QUIZ: The Heart

    • Vaping and the Body

    • Vaping and Appearance

    • QUIZ: Vapes- the Face and the Body

    • Vape Explosions

    • Reflection

    • Marijuana

    • QUIZ: Vape Explosions

    • QUIZ: Marijuana

  • 4

    Explore the Marketing

    • Tobacco Targets Teens

    • Tobacco Targets Teens

    • Flavors, Not a Sweet Treat!

    • The Problem with Flavored Tobacco

    • QUIZ: Marketing

    • JUUL

    • How JUUL Made Nicotine Go Viral

    • QUIZ: JUUL

    • Reflection

  • 5

    Discover Your Choice

    • Could Vaping Really Hurt Me?

    • Can Vaping Really Hurt Me?

    • Could Vaping Hurt My Friends and Family?

    • Could Vaping Hurt My Family and Friends

    • How to Say No

    • How to Say No - Refusal Skills

    • Setting your plan

    • Call to Action

    • Getting Help

  • 6

    Your Discoveries

    • Thank You

    • Final Reflection

    • Final Questions

    • Rate The Course

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